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Planning a new deck is a great way to expand your outdoor living space while also increasing the value of your home. Although hiring a contractor would raise the job’s overall cost, the advantages generally outweigh the cost — even for expert DIYers.

With Cav Deck Designs, our deck builders Long Island professionals know the additions that can transform a simple space into an extravagant outdoor retreat. Lighting, sound systems, unique railings, built-in appliances, and water or fire elements are all things that can make a great difference. Instead of forcing these features in after the deck is formed, the pros know how to incorporate them in advance. Furthermore, they can often recommend unique features you would not have considered, such as color inlays, curved decking, and flared steps. And while we’re on the subject of unique spaces, don’t overlook the unique instruments required to bring it all together. The appropriate equipment can cost a lot of money, so don’t try to “make do” with whatever tools you have sitting around your garage.

We Make Sure That Your Space Is Functional, Harmonious, and Beautiful

Your new deck can improve the functioning of your property and possibly sell your home. Think about your possibilities. Consider speaking with our professional deck installers to learn more about the value they can contribute to your decking project. You’ll be guaranteed to make the finest selection.

There are numerous deck company possibilities for deck construction in the area. The more skilled the home improvement professional, the better.

When you choose us to build your deck, you’re choosing a contractor with decades of experience working with both wood decks and composite decks. Our designers will work closely with you to make sure the addition matches your home’s aesthetic and that it’s built according to code.

Whether you desire a wood deck or a composite deck for your home, Cav Deck Designs is experienced in both materials and can design, repair, and build a stunning deck addition for your home!


Long Island Deck Builders

Wood Deck

Adding a wood deck to your home is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to increase its value. Even if you don’t plan to sell your house anytime soon, a wood deck will be a fantastic addition to your outdoor entertainment space!

Composite Deck

Are you thinking of getting a composite deck? Cav Deck Designs works with some of the greatest composite Long Island decking material manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive long-lasting products.

On an equally beautiful composite deck, you can savor life’s most beautiful moments. Our decking combines the warmth and charm of real hardwoods with the improved performance of composite decking, thanks to a wide range of color options and deep, non-repeating grain. You can go with a single hue, add accents, or mix and match to create your own unique design.

Deck Builders Long Island

You Can Fully Rely ON

Our key competency is deck construction and design. We are a full-time team of dedicated specialists awarded as one of the best deck companies Long Island you could trust. We have a long history of creating beautiful decks to fit your lifestyle, with years of experience. We will guide you through the entire process of transforming your outside space into a gorgeous backyard retreat. A spectacular hand-crafted deck, built by our local designers, sits at the corner of your outdoor space.

We’ve built hundreds of decks for residential and commercial clients over the years. We’ve been specializing in designing and installing low-maintenance decks for years. We provide a large selection of deck materials and alternatives for your new deck and outdoor space. Our knowledgeable crew will take the time to walk you through the deck-building process. We will also assist you in selecting the best materials for your deck based on your demands, lifestyle, and budget. You can trust that your deck will be installed with precision, skill, and attention to detail.

The Deck-Building Process

Picking a reliable, licensed, bonded, and insured home improvement contracting partner is the most critical component of your procedure. This will ensure that your Long Island deck builder establishes a foundation that is both code-compliant and long-lasting. “Built to code” isn’t simply a phrase, it’s a guideline established by county officials that governs the best approach to construct a structure. The Code specifies deck footing depth, post and beam limits, and joist size and spacing, to mention a few areas. Make sure you pick a licensed Long Island contractor who follows the rules.

Provide a beautiful, communal outdoor living space for your family and friends to catch up and make new memories. Make your home more attractive, comfortable, and desirable without adding to your to-do list of housework. Your deck builder should be a collaborator with the technical knowledge and hands-on experience to realize your vision. Your family deserves the best version of your vision, whether it’s a hot tub deck, multi-tiered deck, rooftop deck, walkout basement patio, or any combination. Your deck builder should share your values and vision.

We’re the kind of deck builders who do that.

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Ensure Your Deck Is Built the Way You Want It

You can be confident that your project is in good hands with our reputation for Long Island decking service excellence, design creativity, outstanding engineering, quality craftsmanship, and longevity spanning for years. But don’t take our word for it.

We have a long list of satisfied clients and have been trusted in a number of business establishments and homeowners. We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service and a high-quality product while maintaining the highest level of professionalism from deck conception to delivery.

Long Island decking
Raising the Bar When It Comes to Outdoor Living

Our Deck design brings our ideas and creativity to the backyard of your dreams! We take your ideas and combine them with our expertise to design your backyard.

Our deck design service is enhanced by the most creative minds taking into account various aspects of your projects, such as plants, elevation and grade changes, sprinklers, trees and shrubs, hot tubs, pools, decks, patios, the façade of your home, and much more. Our goal is to help you visualize the final project. Our deck builders Long Island experts can add realistic deck and landscape lights to complete your project for the finishing touches.

This type of deck design service helps our clients visualize their space and eliminates a lot of the guesswork involved in determining how your final project will look. Let us help you make your ideas into reality, whether you’re planning a tiny outdoor space or a large-scale project.

Among the Best

Deck Companies Long Island

Knowing that the market wants fully customized decks and exceptional outdoor living spaces, Cav Deck Designs started helping the Long Island community build decks with the qualities every homeowner wants. The use of only high-quality materials, premier craftsmanship, unique and modern deck designs are a few of what your home will enjoy from partnering with us.
Over the years, people’s wants will grow more, and their demand for new features and deck designs will increase. But with our team that is adaptive to global changes, these challenges will easily be met and resolved. With our desire to consistently serve our customers with the most outstanding service and craftsmanship, we hire crews and partner with subcontractors that house some of the most highly skilled Long Island deck builders with the utmost professionalism to build your deck ideals.

Our core values remain with the pursuit of excellence in deck installation while doing work with honesty, integrity, and hard work. These Cav Deck Designs values usher us to strive for efficiency in acquiring the best materials and service guaranteed to give you the most exceptional outdoor living space that your family has always dreamed about.

At Cav Deck Designs, we commit and dedicate our services to providing you with the best home and commercial decking services from end to end. There’s only one company to trust for any type of home new deck construction — Cav Deck Designs!